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WorkFlow + Cloud software


Online task manager, task scheduling software, with ticketing module, vacation management and sick pay registration system. Workflow management systems (workflow software) implement business processes electronically. Workflow essentially means the structured, logical organization and appropriate support of a company's work processes. It can be used to automate and regulate the company's typical work processes (e.g. contract approval, invoice approval), but it also provides assistance in ad-hoc work process management. Although workflow systems do not perform the tasks, they are still carried out by employees, but the data and information are always forwarded to the person who has to deal with it. With the introduction of a workflow system, the company's business processes become transparent, thanks to the automation, the possibility of errors is reduced, the previous work processes of the organization are accelerated, it helps to create an optimal division of labor, it follows the life path of the information, and thus provides the possibility of continuous control.
Its most important functions:
- Security: The system is available online 24 hours a day. After entering the system, they can be accessed via an encrypted channel.
- access management
- management and recording of work processes also based on templates
- management of ad-hoc workflows
- management of work processes
- creation and formation of working groups
- creating a work process inventory
- application of ticketing (feedback).
- built-in so-called Using automatic alerts
- creating a search option

A registration system for documents and records used for the company's work processes, with a multi-level search and authorization management solution. Electronic document management enables the company's records to be organized and quickly retrievable. In a document management system, the entire life cycle of document management can be managed, whether it is about commenting, approval, the management of various document templates, the traceability of document versions or the management of rights. You can reduce your administration time to a fraction, since by recording the related documents (contract, invoice, certificate of completion, delivery note, etc.), the document list belonging to the entire process becomes available to the users assigned to the system. Today, document management systems not only manage information and documents professionally, but also effectively support company work processes.
The most important functions of the system:
- Security: The system is available online 24 hours a day. Documents can be accessed via an encrypted channel after logging in.
- Document management module
- Customer register module
- Employee registration module
- document registration module
- registration of document templates
- the possibility of linking documents
- Calendar module
- Access management
- Automatic filing
- Search module: You can search among the documents based on any criteria.