Remote and GroupWork software


It is advisable to use this interface for companies where certain work processes can be carried out remotely with the help of an Internet connection - even from home. Economically, the company saves costs in terms of securing the employee's workplace. The role of remote and group work systems is to support the collective sharing of knowledge, information, data and documents. With its help, all members of the company community can access the information they need from anywhere and at any time, and can collaborate with other employees of the company - even from a distance of hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Since the changes can be followed transparently thanks to the documented information, we can reduce the possibility of missing important information to almost zero. Thanks to the controlled processes, effective collaboration between employees is realized on a single interface, so we can direct our company's internal communication to a more effective channel.
The most important functions of the system:
- secure remote access
- access management
- definition of corporate workflows based on a system of rules
- creating a process inventory and process map
- making a task list, task assignment
- formation of working groups
- information sharing
- Employee registration module
- Task management module
- Messaging module
- management and matching of tasks and resources of work processes
- Webmail module
- Creation of a document repository and an information repository
- Preparation of statements