Complex Cloud-based CRM & ERP System

Omprehensive management of business activities


1. Full customer management:
- Integrated management of sites, contacts and financial data within a single system.
- Invoice Capture: Easy recording and tracking of outgoing and incoming invoices.
2. House Treasury and Financial Statements:
- Cash flow records supporting multiple currencies.
- Generate statements and reports with customized filtering options.
3. Production, Inventory and Warehouse Management:
- Accurate tracking from production through inventory to warehouse.
- Efficient inventory management and quality assurance.
4. project management:
- Complex project management tools: milestones, deadlines, responsibilities.
- Integrated document management with version tracking, project and partner-based filing.
- Cost estimation: measurement of actual working time for each task and automatic budgeting using the work rate defined in the system.
5. Teamwork and Communication:
- Integrated online communication tools between colleagues.
- Integrated online communication between team members.

Summary: This complex CRM & ERP system covers the entire spectrum of business activities, combining financial, manufacturing, logistics and project management functions. Integrated tools and functionality enable companies to maximize productivity, efficiently manage inventory and finances, and improve teamwork and customer relationships. The cloud-based solution guarantees data security and accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

Price: $ 499 / pc